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Women love cars, too!

Women love cars VanessaKawali

Women love cars VanessaKawali

Cliché. Boys go with cars just like girls go with shoes, right? That is how it is in today’s society. How sad. I grew up in a household where cars where always a big deal. Maybe it had to do with my dad who introduced me to Formula 1 when I was super little. I have probably watched my first race on TV when I wasn’t even able to speak. I was fascinated by the speed, the noise and the cool dudes who raced like it was nothing special. So, there I am and yes, women love cars, too!


And I don’t mean it in a way that we want pink cars that have glitter sprinkled on them. No, I am not that kind of girl. They are elegant and pure. They don’t need that girly touch to be liked by girls. We should all be aware that also the female species can drive fast, secure and love to awaken their inner “man”.


Women love cars as much as men do


All those clichés about women who can’t drive are totally going on my nerves. It is not genetically prescribed that women drive worse than man. I believe it is just a personal thing. Some can drive and some can’t. Simple as that.

It might also be that in my family we all love good cars. We have a family brand that nearly everyone drives. So, my family  introduced me to the great cars and it was a given that I just had to like cars. (BTW I don’t need to know all the technical details of a car to like it, as nearly every man thinks, I mean men do like girls in high heels but they don’t know all the facts about shoes either )


What Mallorca has to do with my car love

But why am I telling you all of this? Well as I mentioned earlier I grew up with loving fast cars and all of that came back with my vacation. As I mentioned in this article here I went on holiday. We decided to rent a car for a couple of days and we were two very lucky ducks, we got a free upgrade. We were super happy that we got to drive an Audi A3. My inner love for cars was satisfied. It was just too cool to drive up and down the serpentines with automatic. I can’t even put in words how amazing it was to drive this very modern car in these little cute villages of Mallorca. It was such a contrast that felt super nice. It just made my feeling that women love cars, too, a little bit bigger.



Women love cars VanessaKawali

Vanessa Schwenk

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