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Undress for Success – how to get famous on Instagram

how to get famous on Instagram Undress for success

Sarcasm on. Followers. Everyone wants to get famous on Instagram. Everyone tries to reach millions of people and everyone wants to influence and hopes to earn a lot of money with it. (I speak for a lot of people, I know there are also people who just don’t give a f**k about all of this. And let me tell you – THANK GOD YOU ARE THERE, TOO). So since everyone wants to reach a huge audience everyone wonders on how to get famous on Instagram and I will tell you right here. As you see I have a hate love relationship with Instagram which you can already read about here.

First of all I really don’t want to point my finger at someone and judge. Everyone can post whatever he or she wants. But I am so done with all the people who want more realness on Instagram and for all the ones fighting for feminism and then post pictures like the ones I describe in the guide down below. I am no one to judge or hate. I just sometimes can’t understand young girls who say they don’t want certain people to comment nasty stuff when they post those pictures. These sentences roll my eyes and especially when there are women who fight for feminism and think feminism is made stronger by showing nipples or skin.

Yes, I have posted pictures in a bikini as well but I am not the one who is crying over all the sexist comments.


The Guide on how to get famous on Instagram


  1. Show as much skin as possible: Sex sells that’s no big secret. The best is to post pictures in sexy lingerie or in a hot bikini. The more skin the better. If you undress it is totally a sign for confidence and modernism. The good thing is that when you are by the beach no one notices that you are doing this for the fame. 
  2. Fight for feminism by not wearing a bra: The best way to show female empowerment is to free the nipple and tell everybody that it is your body and your rules (By the way I wrote an article about that as well here) It is even better when you have a nipple piercing that shines through. 
  3. Be a fitness model: If you don’t have a super toned body it might be a little bit hard to get noticed but you can totally photoshop abs.
  4. Provoke as much as you can: Do everything that no one would do. Make videos of you dancing around in underwear where normally everyone would cringe and upload them. Works perfectly good with Point 1.

And if you follow those steps you did undress for success but at least you have success. I mean who doesn’t want to get famous on Instagram? Who needs a real life when they have 100k followers, right?

I would love to hear your opinion on that topic. Do you see it the same way or totally different? For me, I am so done with just seeing naked girls on Instagram. I want to see cool new stuff and not the same everywhere I look.



Vanessa Schwenk

  • C'est Levi

    Toller Beitrag, liebe Vanessa.

    Das mit der Hate Love Relationship verstehe ich nur zu gut 😀
    Wahrscheinlich müssen wir alle den Kopf abschalten und es einfach für uns selbst machen. Ich stelle mir auch oft die Frage, wie bekomme ich mehr Reichweite und scherze dann immer, dass ich wohl mehr Bikini oder Unterwäsche Bilder posten muss 😀 Zum Glück ist die Gier nach Aufmerksamkeit bei mir aber nicht so groß 😉

    Hab einen tollen Tag und liebe Grüße
    Katja | Follow me on Instagram

    12. September 2017 at 3:49 PM Reply

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