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Sock Heels featuring le Pliage

Trends featuring all-time favorites. It is not a big secret that sock heels are one of the coolest trends lately and I am obsessed. I searched the internet to find my perfect pair and it wasn’t that easy. Most of the sock heels I saw online had super high heels but since I am not a short girl I prefer not to wear super high shoes. So, when I found my perfect version of sock heels at Zara I was so excited. They just fit perfectly.

To this trend, I combined one of my all-time favorites – my Longchamp le Pilage bag. I love them so much because they are super sturdy and look lovely. In total I have two le Pilage bags, one in S like the one here and one in M which I mainly use for university. See one of my looks featuring the le Pilage here.


This look is one of my chilled city looks. For example, if I have a relaxed day going out for lunch or just visit my family, go to a museum or meet some friends for coffee. Without my two loved pieces the sock heels and the bag I would wear this to university as well. I am just not a huge fan of wearing “heels” to university. They are not super high but still I am more off a flat shoe for university type of girl.

Back to my favorite sock heels: A lot of the sock heels are over the knee and I am super tempted to buy a couple more. They are super comfy and flatter my foot.

Have you tried on Sock Heels before?

And since I am just such a fan of those shoes I put you the direct link from Zara below and a cheaper version in the outfit map.


I was wearing:

Sock Heels – Zara (here)

Jeans – Zara

Sweater – Forever21

Fake Leather Jacket – Vero Moda

Bag – Longchamp 

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Vanessa Schwenk

  • Tina

    Oh die Sock Heels sind wirklich super – vor allem der Plexiglas Absatz gefällt mir total gut ♥


    5. May 2017 at 8:52 AM Reply

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