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How to have the perfect girls night in

girls night in vanessakawali


Everything you need featuring super healthy snacks. 

Girls night in. One of the parts I love most about being a woman. You can have the greatest time with your girls on the couch and just celebrate the good parts of being a girl. When guys have a guys night it is all about drinking beer, eating greasy food, watching soccer or football. Not with us girls. We like to do that in a classier way. So here are my tips on how to have the perfect girls night in.

First off all I like to go out to bars to but it is so much comfier and sometimes nicer to have a girls night in. So I share with you what makes a girls night in perfect for me when my girls come around.


1. Comfy clothes

Nothing is more irritating for me when sitting on the couch than skinny jeans and in general tight apparel. So jump into your favorite sweatpants or even a cool jumpsuit. I am wearing sweats from Friday’s Project and the my beloved camisole from Gilly Hicks aka the piece of lounge wear I would need in every single color they have since I want to wear it ALL THE TIME.


2. Snug ambiance

Dim the lights, make it comfortable with lots of cushions and blankets, light some candles and switch on a chains of lights. Snuggle up!


3. Delicious Food and Snacks

No girls night in is perfect without good food. I like to go with some grapes and cheese (how classy, right?) and also some snacks. My number one right now are from N.A! , nature addicts are a good if you want to eat sweet/ salty but it has to be healthy. The ones I like the most are the rice crackers with sea salt (which are gluten free by the way) and for my sweet tooth fruit & chocolate framboise.


4. Thirst quencher

Wine or sparkling wine are a must when it comes to a girls night in. We need to borrow the cliché. Since we have cheese I like to drink red wine but when it comes to the snacks especially when chocolate is involved I like to drink Prosecco.


5. To dos

No matter if you want to do something for your beauty aka applying beauty masks or go through different magazines like Vogue and answer the “Questions without answer” (which is a lot of fun with your friends since good discussions can come out of it). Also you can watch a movie, and no it doesn’t always have to be chick flick what about a drama or action movie for diversion?!


6. Laugh! 

My most important point. Have fun with your besties and don’t forget to laugh your hearts out.



What do you need for your perfect girls night in? Let me know in the comments!


In friendly cooperation with N.A! Nature Addicts / In freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit N.A! Nature Addicts. 

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