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Schuhe Stiefeletten

*Schuhe kann man nie genug haben

Hallo meine Lieben, Schuhe kann man nie genug haben, oder? Genauso überzeugt mich Marie von mirapodo von dem Onlineshop. Bei Onlinebestellung zweifle ich immer ein wenig. Aber nach einigen Überlegungen habe ich mich doch entschlossen, mir bei mirapodo Schuhe auszusuchen. Danke nochmal an Marie für die Schuhe. Mirapodo hat eine rießige Auswahl an Schuhen, ob Stiefelletten, Pumps, Sportschuhe, Ballerinas oder die passenden Pflegemittel ist alles dabei. Hier geht es direkt zu den Damenschuhen.  Nach der etwas längeren Suche habe ich dann für mich passende...

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Boston Tourist Impressions

Tourist in Boston

Probably all of you are waiting for the winner of the City Challenge, right? Yes, I have picked one but I didn't had the time yet to ask the winner questions for the little interview. I have been up to a lot lately, so excuse me for that. This last weekend I have been to Boston. It is a beautiful city and here just some impressions on that. I hope you like it. Have you been to Boston? Wahrscheinlich wartet ihr alle...

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June Summer Essentials

June Essentials

It is already July and half of the year is gone but we are completely in the middle of a wonderful summer. About a week ago I realized that I am using the same summery things nearly every day. I never had specific favorites or anything like that. Figuring out that I changed my mind, usually I never stick long enough to certain things. Maybe I am getting more settled. What are your must haves for this summer? Let me know...

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Cut out Outfit Cutouts

Let’s cut out some fabric

I do love summer but I don't like humid summers like we have those here in New York. Especially because I like to dress up in layers. Enjoying summer with 30°C outside is quite hard, that is probably also why I don't have a clue what I am wearing and end up everyday in black and white without even noticing. This outfit is one of my favorites right now. Cute cut-outs and black and white -perfect for me.   Ja, ich liebe Sommer...

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Boyfriend Jeans and Stripes Outfit

He only left his jeans behind

Even though it is summer in the city I love boyfriend jeans combined with high heels and stripes. I really don't know where my love for stripes comes from probably from my big Paris love. Already told you about that in this post. I hope you all head a great weekend Eines meiner Lieblingsoutfits momentan ist Boyfriendjeans mit High- Heels und einem gestreiften Shirt. Obwohl Sommer ist und es sehr warm ist mag ich dieser Kombination. Generell liebe ich Streifen das...

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African Print Outfit Loose Pants

African Print

After sitting the whole weekend in College I can finally be outside and work on my tan. I have never been a summer girl but living right next to the beach having a tennis court around the corner and be able to go to a pool whenever I want makes it definitely better than I thought. In summer I love to wear those pants they are not thick at all and you don't look like you are wearing sweatpants. What do...

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Maxidress Outfit how to wear a maxi dress

Maxidress Outfit

The first friday in June means a new First Friday Favorite and since I love Maxidresses I thought we could combine my outfit with my favorite. This is my absolute favorite maxidress. I don't wear it often because it is very elegant and also a little bit see-through but I just love it especially in combination with my leather jacket. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Es ist schon wieder der erste Freitag im Juni und somit gibt es meinen Favoriten....

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What to wear to Coney Island

Coney Island and Royal Blue

I'm getting old and time passes so fast. This weekend which was also the Memorial Weekend I turned 19. This will be my last teenage year. Even though I couldn't celebrate with my family I had an amazing time with the best friends I could wish for. On Monday then me and a bunch of friends went to Coney Island which is a beautiful place. Of course it was super crowded since it was Memorial Day but it was worth it....

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Obsession with Magazines


They have something magical. Every time I see them I feel completely inspired. This is an homage to all those amazing editors who's job is to inspire a lot of fashion addicts, beauty fans or better said - their readers. I'm not one one those who has that one magazine. I go in a store and whatever inspires me most goes hme with me. This time I bught the current issues of W Magazine and Harper's Bazaar. The internet is...

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