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AFW Outfit for Fashion Week

What would I wear to AFW?

Fashion Week. Actually I wanted this post to be in German only since it is a contest in which I will take part as a German Blogger, at least that is what I assume haha. But as I started writing in German it just felt so weird and I didn't find the right words. Since living here in the US it's just so much easier for me to talk / write in English but let's get to this contest. So the...

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Black simple Outfit Fashion ootd

Happy in black

Happiness. Who says that you can't wear black and be happy? I love wearing black even though some people say I wear it way too often. If you take a closer look to outfit post on this blog you will notice that black appears in nearly every outfit. This fall / winter I love pastels and nicer colors like rosé, beige, white, pink, grey and baby blue but that doesn't mean I can't stick to my black.  I feel like black...

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Sweater Weather TAG Modeblog Fashionblog VanessaLuisa

Sweater Weather Tag

As I am a huge YouTube junkie and spent a lot of time on that fabulous platform I found the Sweater Weather Tag that MissGlamorrazi (here) made. She changed some of the Questions and I have to admit I like it that way more, too. Also I love fall and tags, which perfect combination! So here we go: 1. Favorite candle scent?       For fall always something with vanilla and cinnamon. 2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?      All three of them, no...

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Miami White Lace Dress Outfit

Miami pt.3 + News

First of all the News: I have created a Facebook Page for this Blog. I would love for you to check it out and give it a like. This would mean a lot to me. Thank you. Like here. There is also the link on my sidebar in my socials area. // Ich habe für meinen Blog eine Facebook Seite erstellt, es würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du vorbei schaust und den Gefällt mir Knopf drückst. Hier! It is November, I...

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Summer Beach Miami Outfit

Miami pt. 2

As I told you in my post before I was in Miami for a week and so here comes my second Outfit. Hope you enjoy. I was wearing: || Shoes - Aldo || || Shirt - Brandy Melville|| || Shorts - Massimo via Target|| Vanessa ...

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Miami Outfit Look Summer Beach

Money and Miami

Miami. Last week I was in Miami on vacation and it was so beautiful. Even though it is already October it was super hot. Only one day was super rainy. I can't believe my vacation is over and I am back in cold and autumny New York. But to think back of summer and make you all some warm thoughts I thought I could share my great Miami vacation pics with you. One thing I realized in Miami was that in...

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Columbia University Outfit Look

Let’s go to Columbia University!

Columbia University. In the last week I went to Columbia University and I felt like I have finally found the place I was always searching for. Columbia is very magical and to that it has that "smart people belong here" - vibe. It just felt good. Just walking around and get inspired was all I wanted and here is my outfit I wore that day. Even though I kind of show you what I wore I felt like the black...

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Make up and Skin care Routine

Make-up & Skin care Routine

  Today I thought I show you my daily skin and make up routine. I usually just wear make up when I leave the house and as soon as I come back I take it off. Skin Care Routine So the first thing I do in the mornings with my face is wash it with clean water and then put Nivea Soft Cream on my face to moisture it. And on my lips I just put some Vaseline. Pretty easy, right? In the...

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Botanical Garden NYC Outfit

Botanical Garden

Here in New York is a beautiful Botanical Garden and I spent a day there. Mostly I sat in the café but I was just tired of walking. This outfit is very similar to what I wore at fashion week here but with a different jacket, jewelry, bag and shoes and you have different outfit. Letztens war ich im New Yorker Botanical Garden und es war ein wunderschöner Tag. Die meiste Zeit saß ich jedoch im Café aber auch nur weil...

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