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Sunshine, Straw hats and palm trees

Sunshine, straw hats and palm trees

Welcome back people. I don't know if you remember me but I am back. It has been a while but exam phase just was too much this time. I didn't even had the time to eat on a regular basis or go outside to get some fresh air. But now I recovered and here I am with new ideas, new projects and a new atmosphere on what will be published here. I am so happy and looking forward to it....

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Coated Jeans Outfit

All Black – Coated Jeans Outfit

[eltdf_dropcaps type="circle" color="black" background_color="lightpink"]C[/eltdf_dropcaps]oated Jeans Outfit. Yes, I am wearing all black in the summer. And sometimes that is exactly what you need. I was wearing this blouse already last summer here and had to wear it again. It is a very basic outfit just black coated jeans and this lace up jeans. I love to wear all black but it is sometimes difficult to wear all black without looking boring. Coated Jeans Outfit. The key is to combine different fabric. I used...

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Casual Spring Look

Casual Spring Look feat. wide leg pants

Spring. Is it even spring anymore? I mean it is already June which I can't really believe. Time is running by so fast and I am glad that I had some relaxed days at home. Just walking through the streets of Munich, doing some window-shopping and just relax in the English Garden. What do you need more? Especially before exam season. Please don't be mad if I can't publish that many articles because of studying. For my extra comfort on these...

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Monthly Review May

Monthly Review – May #1

May. What a crazy month. I decided to post monthly reviews just to get a little bit closer to you - my readers. There is always so much happening and I would love to share more.  I will answer always the same questions but of course the answers will be different. So here is my first monthly review for May. Asked. I asked myself why the time is flying by so fast. Why is everything so fast? We can't enjoy the time...

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Zig Zag Dress and Military Jacket

Pattern. Finally the good weather arrived and it is time for short dresses. I changed my wardrobe from summer to winter and got inspired by older pieces in my closet. The key to a great look is to combine old and new. It is time for some slow fashion in this article. So, here is my look: Zig zag dress and military jacket. Three years ago I was on holiday on Sicily (here) and bought this wonderful dress on a market....

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Lessons I've learned

23 lessons I’ve learned in 23 years

Lessons. Today is my birthday. That is the reason why yesterday came no new article and why I am publishing today on a Thursday. Today on the 25th of May 2017 I am turning 23 years old. A number that was never special to me. It never occurred to me that this number would change anything. When I grew up birthdays like turning 10, 13, 16, 18, 20,21 and 22 seemed special to me. So, since this year I am...

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fishnet tights trend outfit

The Fishnet Tights Trend

Fishnets. Growing up fishnet tights were a sign of dressing slutty and was never found in the same sentence as casual or even elegant. A couple of months ago these tights had a comeback in a way more cool and fashionable way. I remember wanting to buy some and they were sold out forever. It was a struggle to get them. So, I believe the fishnet tights trend is back. How to wear the fishnet tights trend? The line between looking slutty and...

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get your skin ready for spring bioderma beauty make up

Get your skin ready for spring

Spring. The weather gets warmer and with that I feel like my skin is doing whatever it wants. The sun and all the change in the weather all the time makes it really difficult. My skin tends to get red spots and is very sensible. So I came up with a more sensitive skin care. Usually all I do is use a simple cream to protect it from its dryness but since my skin is totally weird right now I...

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day-to-night look blogger outfit marlene dietrich trousers

Day-to-Night Look – Comfy and Chic

Comfy and Chic. It is not easy to wear a day-to-night look. Actually, it is one of the hardest looks to put together for me and I guess also for a lot of other people. It is hard to make a casual and comfy look work for the day but also elevated enough for a night out. Sometimes you need one of those looks because you know that you have a super busy day and can't come home in between to...

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