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outfit evening walk by the beach vanessakawali

Outfit for an evening walk by the beach

Outfit: Evening walk by the beach The sun sets. The waves are crashing. The sky turns into an ocean of cotton candy. Colored in pink, purple and blue. Breathing in deeply and hold your hand. Free as I wish to be. I take my shoes off. Feeling the sand underneath my foot. I am happy and I want to shout it out in the whole wide world. Can the world know I am happy? So I whisper to myself; I am happy. I close my eyes, turn right, look into your eyes...

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how to get famous on Instagram Undress for success

Undress for Success – how to get famous on Instagram

Sarcasm on. Followers. Everyone wants to get famous on Instagram. Everyone tries to reach millions of people and everyone wants to influence and hopes to earn a lot of money with it. (I speak for a lot of people, I know there are also people who just don't give a f**k about all of this. And let me tell you - THANK GOD YOU ARE THERE, TOO). So since everyone wants to reach a huge audience everyone wonders on how...

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VanessaKawali A day at Ecovinyassa an orange and lemon plantation orchard

Ecovinyassa – a day at an Orange and Lemon Plantation

Nature. I still can't believe that the vacation is over. I already told you a little bit about our vacation in this post here. When you read this then you know that we rented a car. On the day we decided to go and see Ecovinyassa - an orange and lemon plantation. First we didn't even want to go see it because it didn't look like something special but we are so glad that we did go there and got to...

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Women love cars VanessaKawali

Women love cars, too!

Cliché. Boys go with cars just like girls go with shoes, right? That is how it is in today's society. How sad. I grew up in a household where cars where always a big deal. Maybe it had to do with my dad who introduced me to Formula 1 when I was super little. I have probably watched my first race on TV when I wasn't even able to speak. I was fascinated by the speed, the noise and the cool dudes...

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Introducing the Munich Guide by VanessaKawali

Introducing the Munich Guide – Get to know the city!

Introduction. As I mentioned in my last article I was working on some projects and here is my first: I am introducing  the Munich Guide to you. I love my hometown and want to share some of my favourite spots with you. This guide is always updated with new stuff so don't expect it to be super full just now. It will grow in time. I was born and raised in Munich. I have lived here over 20 years and even tough...

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Sunshine, Straw hats and palm trees

Sunshine, straw hats and palm trees

Welcome back people. I don't know if you remember me but I am back. It has been a while but exam phase just was too much this time. I didn't even had the time to eat on a regular basis or go outside to get some fresh air. But now I recovered and here I am with new ideas, new projects and a new atmosphere on what will be published here. I am so happy and looking forward to it....

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Coated Jeans Outfit

All Black – Coated Jeans Outfit

[eltdf_dropcaps type="circle" color="black" background_color="lightpink"]C[/eltdf_dropcaps]oated Jeans Outfit. Yes, I am wearing all black in the summer. And sometimes that is exactly what you need. I was wearing this blouse already last summer here and had to wear it again. It is a very basic outfit just black coated jeans and this lace up jeans. I love to wear all black but it is sometimes difficult to wear all black without looking boring. Coated Jeans Outfit. The key is to combine different fabric. I used...

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Casual Spring Look

Casual Spring Look feat. wide leg pants

Spring. Is it even spring anymore? I mean it is already June which I can't really believe. Time is running by so fast and I am glad that I had some relaxed days at home. Just walking through the streets of Munich, doing some window-shopping and just relax in the English Garden. What do you need more? Especially before exam season. Please don't be mad if I can't publish that many articles because of studying. For my extra comfort on these...

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