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Sock Heels featuring le Pliage

Trends featuring all-time favorites. It is not a big secret that sock heels are one of the coolest trends lately and I am obsessed. I searched the internet to find my perfect pair and it wasn’t that easy. Most of the sock heels I saw online had super high heels but since I am not a short girl I prefer not to wear super high shoes. So, when I found my perfect version of sock heels at Zara I was so...

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bold blue shopping cart how to never grow up

Bold Blue or how to never grow up

Blue. We are so young yet we forget how fortunate we are. We have everything. By having whatever we wished for we are losing the only thing that was given to us so preciously. The child in us. During all the work, the studying, the constant stress we forgot to be a child from time to time. Make crazy things and just be forever young. Maybe someone need to teach us how to never grow up. I don't want to grow up....

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column Modeblog Personal Text about Life, Trust, Love Vertrauen

Generation Y, du kotzt mich an!

This column is only available in German. Generation Y Beziehungsunfähig. Meine Generation kotzt mich an. Egal ob es darum geht damit alles zu erklären oder einfach in diese Schublade gesteckt zu werden. Es ist meiner Meinung nach eine beschissene Generation. Vor allem wenn es um Beziehungen geht. Nicht um sonst werden wir auch die Generation Beziehungsunfähig genannt. Vielleicht war ich schon immer anders. Ich habe grundsätzlich das Gegenteil davon gemacht, was alle gemacht haben. Haben alle im Alter von 14-16 Jahren angefangen...

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outtakes blogger

Outtakes – Fancy life as a blogger Part II

Outtakes. Before you continue reading this article head over here to read part I. There you will understand why I am posting these pictures. Not long ago I posted my outtakes for the first time and I actually felt good about it. Yes, I look stupid and goofy and yes I don't look perfect. But you know what? I feel good about it. And everyone does it. Everyone posts these pictures lately. The one who started this whole trend was Masha...

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The Corset Trend 2017: Elegant and edgy

Extravagant. Another trend, another fashion look to hate. At least this trend is one that a lot of people have different opinions about. Elegant and edgy is the corset trend 2017. It is sexy and tough at the same time. Some may not understand it but I like to be edgy sometimes. I wore the trend with one of my favorite shirt, some simple black skinny jeans and my black leather jacket. I tried to go for the elegant look with...

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blue nikes outfit

Blue Nikes at a Blue Lake

Seaside. I love living in the city. I am such city girl yet it is so lovely to drive out the big chaos and to the wonderful lakes we have around Munich. This time we went to Tegernsee. Personally I love going there because it is so calm and the lake is so blue. There are a lot of other lakes around Munich but if you just go for the best color I prefer the Tegernsee. We went there to...

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embrace being single

How to embrace being single

How to be single. Today’s generation is the one who doesn't want to be alone but doesn't want to have a relationship. This is a big problem. I consider myself as one of those weird people. Strangely enough we wish for a relationship. Especially in the moments where you are gathered together with your family. Suddenly one of your relatives is asking why you aren't engaged with 22. It feels like it is the end of the world because we are...

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ballerina body boyfriend jeans outfit

Ballerina meets Boyfriend Jeans

Ballerina. I am a huge lover of the ballerina style. Maybe because I always admired Prima Ballerinas since I was little. A lot of my readers probably don't know that I used to dance basically my whole life. I stopped 5/6 years ago and now I am slowly starting to dance again. Ballett is so incredible. So I tried to combine the very feminine look of a ballerina with something very maskulin: Boyfriend Jeans. Especially now in Spring I love to...

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Indian Chickpea Curry Recipe

Indian Chickpea Curry

Curry. One of my favorite meals right now is Indian chickpea curry. It is such a simple easy and vegan dish that I cook it whenever I have time. I found this recipe online so it is not my idea. But I thought I would still like to share it. I did some changes here and there just to modify it to my needs. You can find the original recipe here on eat smarter. You need:  400g chickpeas dried or canned 2 cloves...

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