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Introducing the Munich Guide – Get to know the city!

Introducing the Munich Guide by VanessaKawali

Introduction. As I mentioned in my last article I was working on some projects and here is my first: I am introducing  the Munich Guide to you.

I love my hometown and want to share some of my favourite spots with you. This guide is always updated with new stuff so don’t expect it to be super full just now. It will grow in time.

I was born and raised in Munich. I have lived here over 20 years and even tough I have traveled the world and lived in the USA for over a year, I always come home to my beloved Munich. Why I am so in love with my hometown and what my top tips are will be continually be published here in my Munich Guide.

Weather you are looking for fun activities to do in the city (for good weather and for rainy, cold days) or you are looking for a nice place to drink coffee, you will find something here in this guide. Just click on the buttons and you will be directed to my favorite places.

I have carefully selected the things here, since I tried them myself and found them very good. 


I really hope you enjoy this! 


Vanessa Schwenk

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