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The Gift Guide 2017

Gift Guide 2017 Geschenketipps Christmas present ideas

Happy first Sunday of Advent. In three weeks it is Christmas and we are all in Christmas shopping mood. It can be stressful and yes, it can be hard. Personally I hate to buy gifts. I am never really sure if it is liked and or needed. There are people in this world who love to buy gifts and it is because they are good in it. But there are people like me who are just not good at this. And if you are like me then welcome to the Gift Guide 2017.

For one week (Monday – Friday) there will be published one article with a gift guide. The guides will be published at 7 pm / 19.00 o’clock. There is something for everyone. No matter if you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend who is a tech lover or a your mum who is nature addicted. You will find the perfect gift, I promise! If not write me and I’ll find you something.

I will list all the guides here for a better overview after they are published. I hope you like this idea.



The Gift Guide 2017

Guide for Nature Addicts on Monday 04.12.17 *here*

Guide for Tech Lovers on Tuesday 05.12.17 *here*

Guide for Travellers on Wednesday 06.12.17 *here*

Guide for Sport Freaks on Thursday 07.12.17 *here*

Guide for Fashion Lovers on Friday 08.12.17 *here*

Vanessa Schwenk

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