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The story of Vanessa Schwenk

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»I always wanted to create something of my own«

Starting with blogging on April 4th 2012 was literally just the beginning. Since then I can’t imagine not having a little space on the world wide web where I can let my creative mind get completely lost. Within this time I have evolved, my style has changed, my opinions have grown, but what never changed is my joy for releasing a new article here on VanessaKawali.

This little blog of mine saw me growing up and as I developed as a person, this blog developed itself into an online magazine, as I like to call it. The start of the magazine started in November 2014 where I started to blog professionally.

I hope this journey will just get more exciting.

To that, I hope YOU will follow me and my journey.
Love, Vanessa Schwenk

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What is VanessaKawali?

VanessaKawali is a place for everyone. No one should be left out and everyone should feel at home. Whether that is through Fashion, Lifestyle, Traveling or Culinary adventures.

This mainly fashion blog is a place for every women who embraces life and wants to put confetti on it as much as possible. VanessaKawali wants to embrace the greatness of life from Vanessa’s view.


  • Founded on April 4th 2012
  • Released on January 10th 2013
  • Relaunched on November 2nd 2014
  • Renamed the blog on September 2nd 2016

Who is Vanessa Schwenk?

Vanessa was born in 1994 and raised in Munich, Germany. From a young age on she had the chance to travel the world and has been to more than 20 states. When traveling it is important so speak other languages that’s why she decided to study English and French. Vanessa is a bilingual assistant.

After finishing language school she decided to move abroad and lived in the United States of America for 15 months. Since being a bilingual assistant wasn’t enough for her she is now studying departmental journalism.

Next to her university life she is blogging as much as she can here on her personal fashion blog about travel, fashion, lifestyle and food related topics.

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