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10 things you must visit in Mallorca

VanessaKawali 10 things you must visit in Mallorca

Mallorca. As you know I've spend some time of my summer in Mallorca. A place I had doubts about how it is going to turn out. I thought it is just all dry land and party people everywhere I look. The island proved me wrong. It is a very beautiful place. When you move away from Palma up in the east the island is truly amazing. Mountains, the ocean, nature and green everywhere you look. Exactly all I needed to...

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VanessaKawali A day at Ecovinyassa an orange and lemon plantation orchard

Ecovinyassa – a day at an Orange and Lemon Plantation

Nature. I still can't believe that the vacation is over. I already told you a little bit about our vacation in this post here. When you read this then you know that we rented a car. On the day we decided to go and see Ecovinyassa - an orange and lemon plantation. First we didn't even want to go see it because it didn't look like something special but we are so glad that we did go there and got to...

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Kiel Diaries

Kiel Diaries – Vlog

Vlog. As you know I was in Kiel. You can read more about my trip here, here and here. You probably thought that I was done with my impressions from Kiel because right after that came my Vienna impressions, but I tried to film a little while we were in Kiel and here is the result. Here are my Kiel Diaries. I love the vibe of the video because it reflects what a great time. The rain didn't stop us from having...

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Vienna Impressions Sightseeing Wien

Vienna Impressions feat. the cotton candy sky

Vienna. Straight after all of my travel diaries from Kiel comes the next bundle of them. With only two days break I basically went from Kiel to Vienna. I have only been once to Vienna  for a day to go shopping with my sister. But this time I travelled there to visit a friend of mine who lives there. So my main priority was to spend time with her. Friends are so important to me but that is a completely different...

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Breakfast Café in Kiel Frühstück

Top 3 Breakfast Cafés in Kiel

Breakfast. I hope you all had a great start into the new week. We went to the cutest breakfast cafés in Kiel while staying there. There is something about having breakfast that I absolutely love. Usually breakfast locations are so well designed, totally stylish and the baristas have to be hipster. In general I love going out to eat but my favorite time to do so is breakfast. So whilst we were in Kiel we tested some breakfast cafés and...

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Kiel Impressions Sightseeing

Kiel Impressions – Tourist up North

Impressions. Before continuing with another Outfit from Kiel I wanted to show you some impressions. I have put all the Kiel Impressions into a slideshow. Just because I thought it would be nice to mix it up a little. Let me know if you like this or rather have them all under each other. I have never been this far up north. Hamburg was probably the furthest in the north I have ever been. When you live in Munich it is...

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Relaxing Weekend

Wellness. Sometimes all I need is a weekend away from home -  a relaxing weekend. There is nothing better than staying in a nice hotel and just treat yourself by swimming, having a sauna, eating really good food. And that is exactly what I did in South Tyrol. After flying to New York City (read here) which I shared here I needed a relaxing weekend. We stayed in the small town Nova Levante which is all up in the mountains....

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On the seaside

Westchester County. My very last post about my time in the US. There is one place half an hour outside of the city right on the seaside where I love to be. I love to spent time there, breathe in the fresh air, smell the salt in the air and think. As you might figured I spent a lot of my time with thinking. I believe that there is no place like the ocean that makes me happier. Okay, I...

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Impressions of New York City Part 3

Part 3. I feel like I can't show you enough pictures of New York and since I couldn't decide which are my favorites you get a huge load of pictures. Also there is not much left to say why I share my impressions of New York City so here are my favorite quotes of the city that never sleeps. [eltdf_blockquote text="One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. - Tom...

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