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Undress for Success – how to get famous on Instagram

how to get famous on Instagram Undress for success

Sarcasm on. Followers. Everyone wants to get famous on Instagram. Everyone tries to reach millions of people and everyone wants to influence and hopes to earn a lot of money with it. (I speak for a lot of people, I know there are also people who just don't give a f**k about all of this. And let me tell you - THANK GOD YOU ARE THERE, TOO). So since everyone wants to reach a huge audience everyone wonders on how...

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embrace being single

How to embrace being single

How to be single. Today’s generation is the one who doesn't want to be alone but doesn't want to have a relationship. This is a big problem. I consider myself as one of those weird people. Strangely enough we wish for a relationship. Especially in the moments where you are gathered together with your family. Suddenly one of your relatives is asking why you aren't engaged with 22. It feels like it is the end of the world because we are...

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How to start blogging Blog Essentials How to blog

Blog Essentials – What do you need for blogging?

Blogging. It is not easy to blog. There are 100 things to remember and to think off. It is a mystery for itself. If you wonder on how to start read this article here. This is PART 2. So you started a blog and now what. What do you need for blogging? What are the main blog essentials? TOP Blog Essentials   1. Camera: The most important blog essentials. Every reader wants to see pictures. They are a lot more important than the...

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How to start blogging start to blog fashion blog

How to: start blogging

Blogging. I am definitely not considering myself a pro in terms of blogging but I am blogging for quite a while. I guess with that I can give everyone who wants to start blogging a few helpful tips. I really thought about it a lot. What are the tips I needed before starting a blog? I will divide this article in two different ones. This one is mainly about starting the blog. What do you need to know before making...

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How to travel Travel Tipps

How to: travel

Moments. As long as I can remember I have been traveling either with my family, my friends or by myself. Traveling is probably one of my biggest hobbies if you can even call it a hobby. Exploring new cultures, seeing amazing landscapes, meeting new interesting people just widens my horizon. The one time I am truly and deeply happy and completely me is when I am traveling. My first long-distance flight was when I was only 3 years old. That...

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How to stay motivated - Motivation

How to: stay motivated

Motivation. It is kind of ironic that I am sitting here and writing this post instead of doing the studying I should actually do. I am a person who easily can motivate others but when it comes to myself most of the things don't really work. It has probably to do with the fact that I find a million other things more interesting and more rewarding than school. Even though that might be the case I will let you guys...

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