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23 lessons I’ve learned in 23 years

Lessons I've learned

Lessons. Today is my birthday. That is the reason why yesterday came no new article and why I am publishing today on a Thursday. Today on the 25th of May 2017 I am turning 23 years old. A number that was never special to me. It never occurred to me that this number would change anything. When I grew up birthdays like turning 10, 13, 16, 18, 20,21 and 22 seemed special to me. So, since this year I am...

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outtakes blogger

Outtakes – Fancy life as a blogger Part II

Outtakes. Before you continue reading this article head over here to read part I. There you will understand why I am posting these pictures. Not long ago I posted my outtakes for the first time and I actually felt good about it. Yes, I look stupid and goofy and yes I don't look perfect. But you know what? I feel good about it. And everyone does it. Everyone posts these pictures lately. The one who started this whole trend was Masha...

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embrace being single

How to embrace being single

How to be single. Today’s generation is the one who doesn't want to be alone but doesn't want to have a relationship. This is a big problem. I consider myself as one of those weird people. Strangely enough we wish for a relationship. Especially in the moments where you are gathered together with your family. Suddenly one of your relatives is asking why you aren't engaged with 22. It feels like it is the end of the world because we are...

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outtakes fancy life as a blogger fashion blogger from Munich

Outtakes – Fancy life as a blogger Part I

Outtakes. Being a blogger is not as fancy as you might think. In this shiny world of perfection you rarely see the truth behind. And it is such a shame. When you are having a photoshoot not every picture is perfect. Not even close to perfect and there is a reason why there are programs like Adobe Photoshop etc. Nothing is as it seems and with this article I would like to show you the truth behind it. We are always...

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happy new year resolutions for 2017 new year's resolutions Vanessa kawali

My 10 resolutions for 2017

Resolutions. I am one of those people who have resolutions for the new year. Most of them are set for a month or two and then I totally forget about it. But this year I really want to stick to them. These are not major life changing things but I feel like I need them in my life to archive more life quality.  More life quality also means more quality on here. I try to stick to a regular schedule...

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10 most read articles on vanessakawali fashion blog

10 most read articles 2016

Favorite reads. Just yesterday I looked trough my site stats and noticed that some of my most read articles where total surprises.  I would have never expect that so many of you like certain articles that much. This is the first year where I am showing you the top 10 articles on Vanessa Kawali. The 10 most read articles are mostly outfits but that is for once not a surprise. I don't want to talk a lot and just let...

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Christmas Special Fashion Blogger Wish List for the world Vanessa Kawali

Christmas Special – Wish List for the world

Merry Christmas! This holiday is special. No matter if you celebrated Christmas on the 24th at night or today on the 25th in the morning. Even tough this post is going online on the 25th aka now, I am writing this today on the 24th at night. In the last couple of weeks I was not in Christmas mood at all. I had a million of things to do with university, a ton to do at work and there were thousand...

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5 reasons to hate Instagram Anti-instagram

5 reasons to hate Instagram

I hate Instagram. I have a hate - love relationship with it. And I believe that this platform or should I call it social media, really changed my life. This sounds way more dramatic than it is. But we live in an online world, or at least I chose to live in this online, public life. As much as I love waking up and check my Instagram, I hate the constant pressure we are under. For my part I do...

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How to start blogging Blog Essentials How to blog

Blog Essentials – What do you need for blogging?

Blogging. It is not easy to blog. There are 100 things to remember and to think off. It is a mystery for itself. If you wonder on how to start read this article here. This is PART 2. So you started a blog and now what. What do you need for blogging? What are the main blog essentials? TOP Blog Essentials   1. Camera: The most important blog essentials. Every reader wants to see pictures. They are a lot more important than the...

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