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I’m moving – Workspace

Moving Story Interior Scandinavian Design All white Living Workspace Office

Moving. This will be my last "I'm moving" - post. I am really sad about this. There will be more interior articles but the next moving post will probably be happening in 2 years when I am finished with university and move out of my very first apartment. I am so happy about my apartment and how everything turned out even tough I am not as often in the apartment as I wished before. One of my main places in...

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I’m moving – Living Room

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Living Room. This room is not an actual room since my two-room apartment just has (ironically) two rooms. One of them is my bedroom, which you can see here, and in the other room is my workspace, entrance, kitchen and dining area. I really love my place and think of more than just two rooms. I think in areas that are separated. Most of my apartment is the kitchen area which you will see probably really soon (or...

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Interior, Bedroom

I’m moving – Bedroom

 It has been half a year since I moved and finally everything is turning out like I want it too. So after the dining room it is time to share my bedroom with you. Well not everything but little bits and pieces. Also in my bedroom is my make-up area which I will show you in another post pretty soon. Even though you will get a impression of my bedroom, it changes its look every other week. I have different colored...

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I’m moving – Dining Room

Dining Room. Well hello there. It has been a while since my last "I'm moving"-update. Sorry about that. As a first view inside my apartment I thought it would be great to share the dining room.  This is probably the most clean and Scandinavian looking space in my apartment. I chose this look simply because I am a huge fan. Scandinavian design is so fascinating and elegant. My dining room is not an actually room because basically my whole apartment is kind...

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I’m moving – My story

Moving. The last couple of weeks have been really stressful. About 2 months ago it all started. I got accepted into my dream university in Ansbach close to Nuremberg. It was an amazing feeling. Now I can study what I really want to get closer to my dream career. That was the start to move into a new city, start a new life and experience totally different and new things. As soon as I got the good news I started apartment hunting....

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