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Indian Chickpea Curry

Indian Chickpea Curry Recipe

Curry. One of my favorite meals right now is Indian chickpea curry. It is such a simple easy and vegan dish that I cook it whenever I have time. I found this recipe online so it is not my idea. But I thought I would still like to share it. I did some changes here and there just to modify it to my needs. You can find the original recipe here on eat smarter. You need:  400g chickpeas dried or canned 2 cloves...

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Vitamin Boost Drink Recipe

Vitamin Boost Drink

Oranges. Winter is nearly over but that doesn't mean that we should stop getting enough vitamins. In this post here I showed you my spring energy boost drink. It was all about the energy because of the ginger. This recipe is very similar and easy as well but is a little bit more about the vitamins. So here is my vitamin boost drink recipe. I drink this a lot especially when it is not super hot outside since it is a warm...

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bubble and squeak recipe kartoffelgemüse rezept gröstl

Bubble and Squeak Recipe

Potatoes and vegetable. It's been quite a while since the last time I posted a recipe. This happened because currently I don't really cook. But last weekend I had the time again to spend time in the kitchen and create a new dish. I am not a good cook at all but from time to time I enjoy it a lot. So I looked into the fridge and all there was were vegetables and potatoes. It was a Sunday so...

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Energy Balls Energy Bites Raw Vegan Simple Recipe

Energy Bites – Raw & Vegan

Snacks. Sometimes I have a huge craving for sweets. Since most of the sweet things contain a lot of added sugar I needed an alternative. Recently I informed myself a lot about clean eating. The internet is full about it right now and it seems like a huge trend in the food world. I really like this trend and already talked about it in this post (HERE). After trying to find snack alternatives that are sweet, chocolatey but give me...

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Recipe for a simple snack Smoked Salmon Spinach Roll

Smoked Salmon Spinach Roll

Smoked Salmon Spinach Roll. It is time for another recipe. I really got into cooking. It doesn't always have to be a hot meal. Especially in summer I don't always want to eat something warm for dinner. Specifically when I am still full from lunch I rather have a little snack. In the last days I looked through the internet and found this recipe. First I thought it looks not that delicious but on the second look I decided to...

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Red Lentils Curry with Quinoa, Food Mood

Red Lentils Curry with Quinoa

Less meat. I try to eat healthy. Yes, I try. There are days which go better than others. But in the end it just counts that I eat healthy most of the time. I am also trying to eat less meat because I feel better about myself if I don't eat it everyday. So I try to find recipes that are meatless. On this search I found out how amazing this red lentils curry is. It is also so easy...

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Clean Breakfast Bowl, Vanessa Luiisa, VanessaLuiisa,

Clean Breakfast Bowl

Eat clean. This is the concept of food that I am currently trying to archive. My biggest fear with facing clean eating was breakfast. My breakfast usually contained Nutella and bread and basically everything with sugar. But I kind of made it and since then my favorite food ever is this clean breakfast bowl. It is super easy and extremely delicious. What I also like about it is that it is super adjustable depending on your food favorites. If there is...

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Spring Energy Boost Drink, Food Mood,

Spring Energy Boost Drink

Energy. We all need energy that is not a big secret. Especially in the warmer month I don't like drinking coffee that much so I needed something that gives me a cold energy boost or better a spring energy boost. This is the reason why I came up with this easy recipe. I don't even think you can call this a recipe because it is that easy. But I called it my Spring Energy Boost Drink. And to the energy...

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Sushi. I am huge lover of sushi. It is my favorite Asian food. And keep in mind that there is not a lot of Asian food that I love. Usually I don't eat sushi at restaurants. If I crave it I just make it myself. It does take a lot of time and planning but it is definitely worth it. One of my friends showed me this Sushi recipe and this is the one and only I make.   So you need: Sushi rice Cucumber Cream...

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