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Get your skin ready for spring

get your skin ready for spring bioderma beauty make up

Spring. The weather gets warmer and with that I feel like my skin is doing whatever it wants. The sun and all the change in the weather all the time makes it really difficult. My skin tends to get red spots and is very sensible. So I came up with a more sensitive skin care. Usually all I do is use a simple cream to protect it from its dryness but since my skin is totally weird right now I...

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Corkscrew 80's curls how to tutorial

Corkscrew 80’s Curls and dark lips

Curls. I never have curls. I am one of those girls who have something in between straight and curly. This weird hair that looks like you got an electric shock. So usually I straighten my hair to get some normal looking texture in. Most of the people around me just know me with straight hair. I never do something crazy with my hair until I saw this video from Zoella (click). I absolutely love these Corkscrew 80’s Curls. Even though I am a 90’s...

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Faces with all their expressions beauty look


Faces. I see hundreds of them everyday. All I see is faces but most of the time I see the same expression. They look empty. Empty masks everywhere. I want to see emotions. Why is it so hard to see what they feel? I want to look into your eyes and feel everything so very deeply. And so I look around and everybody is walking and starring down. I want to see the pretty faces, the funny faces, the sad faces,...

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No makeup Nude Look Beauty Tutorial

No makeup – Nude Look

Makeup. We love it. We hate it. Usually I don't leave the house without putting makeup on just because it makes me feel better. I am way more productive after getting ready and conturing my face. So this nude look is a little bit out of my comfort zone. Actually I enjoyed wearing it. It felt so light. The good thing about less makeup is that you need less time to put it on. I smudge my concealer with the beauty...

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Vampire Make-up

Halloween. Yes it is that time of year again. Usually I am not a huge fan of Halloween but this year is different. I am really excited for Halloween. So I decided to put on some of my spooky fake blood and get started. It is not extremely scary but it is my try to still look nice and kind of scary. I personally would say it looks like a Vampire but that is a matter of opinion. To that look I...

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Make up and Skin care Routine

Make-up & Skin care Routine

  Today I thought I show you my daily skin and make up routine. I usually just wear make up when I leave the house and as soon as I come back I take it off. Skin Care Routine So the first thing I do in the mornings with my face is wash it with clean water and then put Nivea Soft Cream on my face to moisture it. And on my lips I just put some Vaseline. Pretty easy, right? In the...

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Essie Limo-Scene

Essie Nagellack Limo-Scene

Essie Nailpolish. Es ist schon Mai kaum zu glauben. Das Jahr 2013 fliegt schon wieder an uns vorbei. Da wir uns zumindest hier in NYC mitten im Frühling befinden, bin ich wieder auf dem pastelfarbene Nägel Trip. Ich habe mir einen Essie Nagellack gekauft, der die perfekte Frühlingsfarbe für mich hat. Der Essie "Limo-Scene". Wie findet ihr diesen? Und mögt ihr auch pastellfarbene Nägel im Frühling? I can't believe it is already May. In no time at all half of 2013...

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