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Everything beauty. From skincare to make up tutorials is what you find in this category.


The personal section here on the blog. I write about things that matter to me. Subject I think about a lot and keep messing with my head. If you want to find out more about me click here.


This category is for all the creative ones who need to do something. If you want to pimp up your clutch or make yourself cute ballet flats go check it out.


My favourite category. Here you find all of my outfits and everything related to fashion! Have fun and get inspired in this part of the blog.


Who doesn’t love food? I am not a chef at all but from time to time I like to cook. So here are my favourite (most of the time easy) recipes.

How to

How to be motivated or how to start blogging. This category is everything and nothing. When ever you don’t know how to do something head over here.


One of my hobbies. I like redecorating and buying new furniture. Most of the time I show you my apartment and how my interior style looks like.


I have to admit that every topic who doesn’t have a clear category goes in this one. You can find there tips and tricks on how to proceed with a shopping ban or a get to know me video or my favourite books, or even TAGs. Hope you like this totally messy category.


After fashion my second favourite category. I love traveling since I was little. Here you find out all about my trips, tips for traveling, places to go and everything else needed for traveling.

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