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Blue Nikes at a Blue Lake

blue nikes outfit

Seaside. I love living in the city. I am such city girl yet it is so lovely to drive out the big chaos and to the wonderful lakes we have around Munich. This time we went to Tegernsee. Personally I love going there because it is so calm and the lake is so blue. There are a lot of other lakes around Munich but if you just go for the best color I prefer the Tegernsee. We went there to casually stroll around and picknick. For that occasion I wore something super comfy. I wore my blue nikes which I haven’t worn in such a long time.

I would really recommend everyone to go to the lake sometimes with some sandwiches and chocolate as we did. It really calms you down and lets you forget all the trouble and stress you have.

I fell in love at the seaside with my blue nikes

Even tough the sun was shining it was quite cold because of the breeze. I wore my beloved grey cut out jeans, a simple rose coloured shirt, a very long black cardigan and my leather jacket.


I was wearing:

Sneakers – Nike

Jeans – Zara

Shirt – Vero Moda

Cardigan – H&M 

Leather Jacket – Vero Moda 


.blue nikes outfit blue nikes outfit blue nikes outfit blue nikes outfit blue nikes outfit blue nikes outfit

Vanessa Schwenk

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