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3 New Years Eve Looks for Everyone

New Years Eve Looks

New Years Eve. It can be difficult to decide with what look you want to enter 2018. Some may just throw something on and be happy and others might go crazy because they need the perfect look. I would consider myself as one of the crazy ones. It just has to be perfect and that can be quiet hard. So this year I share my top three New Years Eve looks with you besides the one I already showed you in this post here.

Cheers to a new year full of adventures!

      1. The It-Girl
        For every girl who just wants to own the night this look is fabulous. With statement earrings, very en vogue velvet ankle boots and some vinyl – you rock the show – believe me. This look is for everyone who wants to end 2017 in style.

      2. The Chic Girl
        You have it already planed – a very delicate dinner party is your way to welcome 2018. With a fancy look you fit into the dress code just perfectly. You rather wear something delicate and stick with basic but still chic colors like black and red.

      3. The Cozy Girl
        There is one thing for sure that you want New Years to be: Comfortable. You don’t need a fancy dress which is only made to stand and not just chill on a couch. You need it to be comfy but still like you made an effort. And it has to be warm and sturdy so when you not only watch the fireworks but also are responsible for it – you still look fab.

What is your favourite of the three New Years Eve Looks? Let me know in the comments!

And how are you going to celebrate?


Vanessa Schwenk

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