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The Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for Fashion Lovers

Gifts for Fashion Lovers

The Gift Guide 2017. And finally my favorite gift guide of them all - the gift guide for all the fashion (and design) people out here ( so basically for me). If I would just gift myself this year I would buy all of that. As in every guide until now I love the items and gadgets I show you but in this gift guide today I am especially keen of all the presents. Have fun with the gifts for fashion...

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Gifts for Fitness Freaks Gift Guide 2017

The Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for Fitness Freaks

The Gift Guide 2017. And here it is the guide for all the fitness freaks in our lives. The ones who always talk about their work out plan, the ones who are always found in the gym no matter what day or what time, the ones who life their live for the gym not the other way round.  This gift guide will bring you ideas on what the boys and girls need in their daily workout. So find here the perfect...

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Gift Guide for Traveler

The Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for Traveler

The Gift Guide 2017. You have that one friend or family member who is totally into travelling. He or she is the one who is never in his hometown because his home is the world, airplanes and new exciting places. It seems like they know everything about traveling but I can tell you there are some gadgets that even they don't own. Find here gifts for traveler that they don't already have and wish they had a long time ago. All...

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Gifts for Tech Lovers

The Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for Tech Lovers

The Gift Guide 2017. You have that one friend or family member who is obsessed with tech gadgets. He or she is the one who always knows the newest happenings in the tech world. The difficult part about gifting tech lovers is to find first of all their niche (there are too many cool gadgets) and second of all find a gift that is not super pricy but not just some random gadget that no one needs. So here I...

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gifts for nature lovers gifts for nature addicts

The Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for Nature Addicts

The Gift Guide 2017. Nature grounds us and it is so important to spend enough time outside. Personally I forget to take time for that. During the week it is hard to go out especially when it is already dark at 5pm. I am not the one who enjoys long strolls alone in the dark. But if you have that one friend and or loved one who gets it a lot more than me that it is important to be outside...

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Gift Guide 2017 Geschenketipps Christmas present ideas

The Gift Guide 2017

Happy first Sunday of Advent. In three weeks it is Christmas and we are all in Christmas shopping mood. It can be stressful and yes, it can be hard. Personally I hate to buy gifts. I am never really sure if it is liked and or needed. There are people in this world who love to buy gifts and it is because they are good in it. But there are people like me who are just not good at this....

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boyfriend jeans look chic sheer star bustier ootd ootn vanessakawali

How to make boyfriend jeans look chic

Sheer Star Bustier. This is the keyword to this look. I love wearing boyfriend jeans. They are so versatile. No matter if they are in a vintage look, ripped or in a very deep blue which appeals modern, they can be combined to literally everything. Often the looks are very sporty and not sexy nor chic. And for that you don't even need high-heels. Boyfriend jeans if strategically styled can look as chic and sexy as skinny jeans do. So...

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pop of colour vanessakawali outfit autumn blues

#maximaCOMEPASS How a pop of colour can cheer up your autumn blues

Grey in grey. When you look outside all you can see is a very triste looking world. The sun is hidden behind the clouds. Daylight nearly never catches my skin. It is freezing cold outside and I rather be at home having a chilled girls night in (here) instead of walking trough leaves and rain. So I need something that cheers me up! I show you how to add a pop of colour to your outfit to get over the...

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girls night in vanessakawali

How to have the perfect girls night in

Anzeige./Advertisement.   Everything you need featuring super healthy snacks.  Girls night in. One of the parts I love most about being a woman. You can have the greatest time with your girls on the couch and just celebrate the good parts of being a girl. When guys have a guys night it is all about drinking beer, eating greasy food, watching soccer or football. Not with us girls. We like to do that in a classier way. So here are my tips on...

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