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Vom Überdenken und Kompliziert sein

column Modeblog Personal Text about Life, Trust, Love Vertrauen

This column is only available in German. Column. Vom Überdenken und Kompliziert sein. Seit gefühlt einer Ewigkeit habe ich keine Kolumne mehr geschrieben. Irgendwie hat es sich seit September nicht richtig angefühlt eine zu schreiben. Mindestens 10-mal habe ich angefangen, mit verschiedenen Themen, aber nichts hat wirklich geklappt. Die letzten Monate oder sogar auch das letzte Jahr ist so schnell an mir vorbeigezogen. Und auch in den nächsten Wochen habe ich keinen freien Tag. Ich schlafe frühestens um 2 oder halb 3 nachts...

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Sit back and relax outfit ootd Sunday

Sit back and relax – I’m back

Wuhuuu! I am back and it actually feels weird to write this article. At the beginning of January I thought that I could totally do it - publish three articles a week and write my exams parallel to that. But as I know now it didn't work out that way. With all the stress came a major cold which made me freak out even more about all my exams. When we shot those pictures last week I felt so happy to...

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Winter Essential Down Jacket Puffer Jacket Look Outfit

Winter Essential: Down Jacket

Down. This week it has been very quite on here. I am right in the middle of my exam phase. Studying takes up more time than I thought. I really tried to make it work but since I also became sick it is just not doable. I am really sorry. So this week and probably the next 2 weeks there will be only 1 post per week instead of 3 per week. Also I believe that you want to read...

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Winter Wonderland Outfit

Winter Wonderland

Winter. One of my resolutions for 2017 is to spend more time outside and this is what I try to achieve. Since I live right next to a huge forest it is quite easy to go outside. This morning I woke up with a super bad headache. Then while brushing my teeth I bumped my head on the edge of the pitch of the roof. Things you get when living under the roof. I had a bad morning since I...

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Scandinavian Grunge Outfit Fashion Long Cardigan

It feels like Scandinavian Grunge

Stylistic Inconsistency. Grunge is defined as "a style or fashion derived from a movement in rock music: in fashion characterized by unkempt clothing and in music by aggressive, nihilistic songs". Is this really all there is? Scandinavian style on the other hand is very clean with unexciting colors. It is definitely a contrast but I tried to combine those two. When I saw this extremely long cardigan it gave me a feeling of grunge even tough it might not look...

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happy new year resolutions for 2017 new year's resolutions Vanessa kawali

My 10 resolutions for 2017

Resolutions. I am one of those people who have resolutions for the new year. Most of them are set for a month or two and then I totally forget about it. But this year I really want to stick to them. These are not major life changing things but I feel like I need them in my life to archive more life quality.  More life quality also means more quality on here. I try to stick to a regular schedule...

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cozy outfit for New Year's Day Fashionblogger VanessaKawali fashion look comfy

Cozy Outfit for New Year’s Day

Happy New Year Ahhhhh! I am so excited. A new year, a new start, the same me. All of the plans I have for the new year are so amazing and I can't wait to share them. Before I can completely start into the new year I have my exams from university in January and February. But after that 2017 will be greater than ever. To start great into the new year it is important how I spend New Year's Day....

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10 most read articles on vanessakawali fashion blog

10 most read articles 2016

Favorite reads. Just yesterday I looked trough my site stats and noticed that some of my most read articles where total surprises.  I would have never expect that so many of you like certain articles that much. This is the first year where I am showing you the top 10 articles on Vanessa Kawali. The 10 most read articles are mostly outfits but that is for once not a surprise. I don't want to talk a lot and just let...

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outfit review fashion blog blogger vanessakawali

Outfit Review 2016 August – December

Goodbye 2016. So this is part two of my outfit review from 2016. I don't know why my looks from August until December look a lot more like me. Maybe because these looks represent the me I am right now. The first part of my review showed outfits that I wore when I was just in a totally different state of mind. After all I like all the outfits that I am sharing here. People change and that is totally ok....

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