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Burnt Orange Love

Burnt orange buttoned up skirt outfit

We are buttoned up. Sitting patiently in the room. We look each other in the eyes. We know it was good. We know it was perfect. Slowly one single tear is dripping down. It is nearly over. Nearly gone. And just like the summer says goodbye, we are saying goodbye to us. We say goodbye to our burnt orange love. I sit here in my way too tight tights. I can't breathe. My ice cold hands hold on to the burnt orange...

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Ride off into the sunset Travel Outfit Bomber jacket Fall Look

Ride off into the sunset

Train stations. I feel like I should walk away, drive away, ride away. Far away. Into the sunset.  Currently it seems like time stopped. Nothing moves anymore. Time is still. I need constant movement. There always has to be change in my life. I feel stuck. Nothing or everything will change. So I need a train that is my ride off into the sunset, and leave the place I am in. I am happy. That is not the point but...

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Showing off your bra - Outfit - Lace Bra - Bra straps

How to tastefully show off your bra

The bra-game. There are trends in fashion so easy you can barely notice them. Same goes with showing off your bra. A lot of people think it is too offensive but personally I think it makes a casual outfit to something cool and edgy. This trend of the subtle exposed bra reminds me of french classy women. I mean who can influence the fashion industry more than these women?! I don't need to point out that I am in love with...

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Shopping Ban no new clothes no shopping

5 tips for the Shopping Ban & UPDATE

Shopping Ban. I told you about my shopping ban in this post. HERE. Since I really want this to work I found out some ways, tips and tricks to make this go smoothly.   1. Get inspired I am huge lover of Pinterest and Tumblr. (You can find the link to my boards of inspiration in the sidebar). I get inspired there so much and find new ways to create an outfit with clothes I already own. So I realize that I actually...

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column Modeblog Personal Text about Life, Trust, Love Vertrauen

Vermissen und was wäre wenn?

Vermissen. Niemand vermisst gerne. Vermissen ist keines dieser schönen Gefühle. Vermissen ist traurig, jedoch ist es ok. Es gehört dazu. Ich vermisse. Allerdings nicht, weil ich etwas zurückhaben möchte. Einen Menschen, einen Moment, ein Gefühl. Sondern weil es zum weitermachen gehört. Ich brauche es, um mich auch an den Schmerz zu erinnern. Wir vermissen diese Momente, weil wir denken sie waren besser. Doch wir vergessen, wie schlimm sie waren. Oft vermisst man nicht wie es war, sondern was daraus werden hätte...

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DIY Miu Miu Buckle Ballet Flats Strap Flats Summer Trend

DIY Miu Miu Buckle Ballet Flats

DIY MIU MIU BUCKLE BALLET FLATS. First of all: Welcome on the renamed Blog VANESSA KAWALI. This will be my first post under the new name and I am really excited. If you want to know why I changed the name head over to my Facebook Page (@vanessakawali) and find out why. Now let's get to the actual topic of this post. Lately I have been obsessed with the Miu Miu Buckle Ballet Flats but they are way too expensive....

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Pure Solitude Ootd Outfit How to be alone

Pure Solitude

Loneliness. There is something about being lonely. I always appreciate time for myself. Creativity flows best at those times. I am not afraid of solitude. Spending time with me and only me is something I can feel blessed about.  I sit there, in the quiet, my mind goes crazy about new ideas, new projects, new versions of myself. Trying to always express myself in a different way. This solitude makes me feel ok. There is a strong affection for solitude I love being...

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Energy Balls Energy Bites Raw Vegan Simple Recipe

Energy Bites – Raw & Vegan

Snacks. Sometimes I have a huge craving for sweets. Since most of the sweet things contain a lot of added sugar I needed an alternative. Recently I informed myself a lot about clean eating. The internet is full about it right now and it seems like a huge trend in the food world. I really like this trend and already talked about it in this post (HERE). After trying to find snack alternatives that are sweet, chocolatey but give me...

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Shopping Ban no new clothes no shopping

Shopping Ban – No new clothes

Shopping Ban. As a woman I love shopping. I could go shopping everyday. Buy new clothes, new shoes, new handbags, buy everything. It is an addiction. And I hate it. Every month I spend way too much money on stuff that I don't need. I need a shopping ban. Isn't it kind of ironic to hear that from a more or less fashion blogger? I am 100% sure that I will still be able to post outfits that you have...

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